Character Creation

Characters are going to be created as straight up human. Try and create a normal person. You need a job (or welfare office you attend and a reason why you don’t have a job). Have a story. Why are you in London today? What were you doing up until Big Ben exploded?

I don’t mind if you want to be a civilian or involved in the response directly (EMT, Police, Fire Service etc.)



As per normal character creation (no stat higher than 3 before allocating freebies). I don’t need a specific reason for any ability that’s 2 or less, 3 dots should have some form of reason behind it. 4 dots should be aligned with primary profession or purpose or have a really good reason for having it.

Eg Computers of 4 – No problems if you’re a programmer, if you’re a bus driver I’m going to need some form of validation like spending your weekends hacking the linux kernel.

Keep the hobbies believable. Sure you can be a black belt martial artist. You can’t be a black belt martial artist, white hat hacker, reservist sharpshooter and weekend survivalist.

Rule of thumb – 3 abilities of 4 dots would reflect a hobby and professional skills.

Attributes should be fine, although if you’re pumping in 2-3 five dot stats in attributes you should probably check with me first :)

Freebie Points
Freebies can be spent as normal. You may reserve up to 6 freebie points for use after the initial session. Of these only 3 can be spent on conviction and/or willpower (total).


Unless you have a very, very good reason I’m not allowing arsenal higher than 3 to start with

You may have 4 points in one background but clear it with me first.

Each background will be worked out briefly, it will help a lot if you have a good idea as to why you have a background (If you have contacts of two be able to tell me who they are and why they’re contacts and not allies)

If anyone wants to take something like destiny or anything that it doesn’t make sense to have before the imbuing then reserve some freebies (check with me first)


Will be worked out during the first session


Feel free to gear your character towards a particular creed. It makes sense that someone who is merciful in every day life would have stats aligned to mercy.

However try not to focus completely on a creed. The shock of the imbuing might swing you towards another outlook entirely

Character Creation

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